Tuesday, 7 December 2010

un assisté, moi?

I have to learn French in four months! And this is my blog about it...

So, why do I need to learn French and why do I need to learn it in four months? Well, I have a new French girlfriend, who's invited me to a chic Parisian wedding next April. There's €500 bowls on the wedding list. Sophisticated cousins. Rich uncles. "So, would you like to go?", she asks. "Hell, yeah," I answered. "Well, you better learn French, then. I don't want you being an assisté". 

I didn't know what an assisté was. And the fact that I didn't know, made me think I probably was one.

And I was right. An assisté is a variety of loser, specifically, one who needs assistance. All the time. There's no way I wanted to be one of those. So, I decided, right away, I was going to learn French. To fluency. In four months...

Let's see how it goes.


  1. €500 is actually the price for a bin.

  2. Well there's your motivation. Boa sorte